Khomyn Talyn Takhi is committed to promote and implement nature conservation, focusing on evidence-based reintroduction and safeguarding of the endangered Przewalski’s horse, the only wild horse in the world







2000 - 2003 

Takhi the only wild horse is one of the 7 equids in the world. The native and wild population of takhis was in Mongolia, unfortunately dying out in the 1960s. The last herd was sighted in 1967, and the last individual horse in 1969. After this takhi has losted in IUCN Red List Category as "extinct in wild". In the beginning of 1980 established "National Commision of Reintroduction of Takhis" according to initiative of Government of Mongolia and it is responsible for choose the adequate land and related preparation work. Based on a feasibility study conducted by a joint research team of French Association for the Przewalski’s horses, WWF Mongolia, Institute of Biology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and other organizations, Khomyn tal was selected as the third reintroduction site for Przewalski’s horses in Mongolia.

2004 - 2005

The first transportation 
The 12 horses in their individual wooden crates were trucked from Le Villaret to Nimes airport. And then international flight has landed in Khovd aerodrome from Nimes airport by IL 76 plane. From the Khovd an Antonov 26 cargo of the MIAT shipped the horses to Khomyn tal, in an area close to the Seer mountain Range. Mongolian pilots landed directly on the steppe. The total duration from the first horse captured in France to the last horse released in Mongola was 49.5 hours.  
In next year 10 horses, totally 22 horses were released from Le Villaret, France by the Association Takh to a third reintroduction site the "Khomyn Tal" in the buffer zone of the Khar Us National Park. 




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