ANUDARI Batzorig

Anudari completed her Master’s Degree in Biology at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) in 2015, right after her graduation as Zoologist in 2013 from the NUM. Joining the KTT in 2017, she took over the responsibility for KTT’s finance, administration and human resources, hugely contributing to the development and implementation of the internal rules and regulations of the newly established NGO.

As an early career professional with outstanding potential to take endeavor into the future, Anudari decided to strengthen the public outreach of the NGO. Since March 2019, responsible for communication and public outreach, she is focusing on branding, advocacy at the central level and awareness raising of locals calling for collaboration in building friendly environment for the release of the P.horses in the near future into the wild from their presently fenced reserve for adaptation. She compiled all data on the Khomyn Tal mammals and birds to inform the publication of the first ever “Guidebook on mammals in Khomyn Tal” and “Guidebook on birds in Khomyn Tal”, soon to be printed.