Camille Favier

I spent 1 year in Seer (Takhi reintroduction area), from March 2019 to March 2020. It was an incredible year, full of adventures and learning. The work with takhi has been very interesting, even if it is not easy to recognize them at the beginning! But then, knowing each horse allows you to discover its unique personality, its history and its particularity. It is fascinating to see how they adapt their behavior to face different situations, and how they implement strategies and collaboration between families and individuals. Collecting data to understand how a reintroduced species can regain its freedom and natural behavior after decades of captivity is fascinating. This is a very important point to understand the relationship between a species and its environment. Seer is a beautiful place, with a beautiful river, sand dunes and mountains. Apart from Takhi, there are also many wild animals to observe: wolves, eagles, vultures, ibex, foxes, gazelles, ducks, swans, butterflies... The year in Seer was also a human experience for me, because working abroad, in a yurt camp, far from the city and with daily life without many facilities, teaches you a lot about yourself. Luckily, the team was amazing. My colleagues at Seer were very open-minded people, always ready to help me and share their knowledge. Huge work has been done by Association TAKH and KTT to reintroduce these horses, and it has been a privilege to be part of this adventure.

Simon Poullilian

My name is Simon, a countryside man from France and a biologist. In 2010, I was the first volunteer to be sent by Association TAKH NGO to stay and live in Khomyn Tal. To tell you how great this experience was I should start to say that my commitment was to plan to last a year, but I end up staying for more than two! The nature in Khomyn Tal is so mighty and beautiful that just looking at it, feeling it, was enough to give me energy in hard times. I had the luck to travel the world and I can tell you, a nature like this is rare and precious. Clean air, fresh water, untouched land are treasures for the soul. I am so happy that the Mongolian government decided to protect this territory and create the national park. My main job was to work as a ranger with the Przewaslki’s horses. It was a difficult time, barely 25 horses, sterile mares, stillborn foal. I heard that the wild horse herd is now growing well. It is such a great reward for all the people who worked so hard for many years. When I arrived in Khomyn Tal I was already 22 but I felt like I was still a big child. I did so many mistakes, my foreigner behavior was often so inappropriate.  People in Khomyn Tal taught me Mongolian lifestyle with kindness and patience. I would like to thank them, especially my coworkers, Munkhtuya, Baîssa, Bandia, Sukhbold, Togo, Ayurzana, Ariunaa, and their family. Special thoughts to little Nandia who teach me my first Mongolian words. Time is flying, she must be big now! Nature, people, horses, Mongolia is still living in my heart and I hope one day I will have the luck to come back to see you again, Bayartai!