PCC training

  • 2022-12-24

2022 November, a three-day meeting and training was successfully organized in cooperation with “People Centered Conservation” NGO, for a total of 27 members of target community. This activity is the third training course that has been organized since 2019 and this time, we jointly evaluated the management plans of the community groups, discussed community-based tourism (CBT), and jointly planned the priority tasks to be carried out in the future.

During the meeting, the activity of the “Khomyn Talyn Elch” mobile library was activated, and a total of 10 sets of books which are renewed based on the requests of the local people, began to travel among the herder families.

This is how step-by-step training and cooperation plans for local communities are starting as part of the work plan to develop community-based tourism in Khomyn Tal National Park. We would like to express our gratitude to the “People-Centered Conservation” NGO staff members for their successful cooperation with us and wish you all the best in your further work.