Herders communities sharpen their skills

  • 2020-12-21

KTT has been actively engaged in community-based natural resources management within the framework of implementing the local people’s participation-based conservation. Establishing four communities in 2018 among the residents of Onts and Tavantolgoi baghs of Durvuljin soum has been part of this work.  In 2019, governance training was conducted for these communities. This year training was on developing the community management plan. Ms Narangerel, Yansanjav, a trainer of “People-centered Conservation”, NGO coordinated the training for each of the four communities. Out of registered 49 members, 40 persons have participated- an improvement compared to previous years attendance.  The communities presented on the work and accomplishments of the last year and based on analysis, elaborated their Management plan and workplan for the coming year.     

Clean up of the surroundings of salt sourcing place, harvesting sea-buckthorn in their allocated area in Ulaan Buraa wild sea-buckthorn forest and supplying berries to the buckthorn processing plant in Durvuljin soum, some forest clean-up to ensure access to water are some of the work completed by communities last year. The fact that community members can sell the berries harvested in Ulaan Buraa directly to “Khomyn Talyn Chatsargana” Co.Ltd, the buckthorn processing enterprise, aids community among them and stimulates more active involvement of individual herders. KTT is planning to expand community with local communities in the area of tourism and they have expressed their enthusiasm, too. Along with building the capacity of communities through training and coaching in various areas, experience-sharing among the communities in nearby locations, organizing study tours, replicating best practices and forging partnerships between communities and local administrations and many more initiatives have been planned