New brand “Khomyn Tal” in France

  • 2019-03-26

Brun De Vian-Tirant, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France has a more than 200 year history and is an eight-generation wool and cashmere luxury item producer. Brun de Vian-Tiran seeks out and purchases the noblest natural fibers from all over the world, from animals such as Alpaca, camels and llama. The company is now managed by Pierre and Jean-Louis Brun, father and son. The company exports their products to more than 20 countries worldwide, including cashmere, blankets, carpets and clothes.

Brun De Vian-Tirant started close cooperation with the French association “TAKH” towards increasing herder income generation in support of sustainable development through purchase of baby camel wool from camel holders. The company continuously conducts analysis to ensure the fiber quality. Khomyn Tal baby camel wool is one of the finest wool they use for the production. Recently, the company issued a total new brand “Khomyn Tal” to the European market for the first time.