BATJARGAL Zamba Khomyn Talyn Takhi Board Member


Batjargal Zamba, PhD has more than 35 years experience working for the government entities in Mongolia dealing with issues of environmental protection and climate change. He received his PhD degree in physics and mathematical sciences in 1978 from the Hydro meteorological State University, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.
Professional Highlights:
1982-1988            Deputy Director General, National Hydro meteorological and Environmental Monitoring  Service, Head of Service for Control of Radioactivity and Chemical Accidents
1988-1990            Expert, Protection of Ecosystem and Environmental Hygiene, Secretariat of CMEA in Moscow, Russian Federation
1990-1992            Minister of State, Chairman, State Committee for Nature and the Environmental Control of  Mongolia
1992-1996            Minister of Nature and the Environment of Mongolia
1998-2001            Director General, National Agency for Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment Monitoring of Mongolia
2005 – 2011         WMO (World Meteorological Organization) Representative and Coordinator, United Nations, New York
2014-2016            Advisor at the Office of the President of the United Nations Environmental assembly (UNEA) of UNEP in Ulaanbaatar
Since 2017             Special envoy of Mongolia for climate change
Membership and social activities:
1980-1985            Member of Great People’s Hural (Parliament), Secretary of the Parliament Commission on Agriculture
1982-1987            Member, National Commission on Space Science
1992-2001            Member, National Commission to Combat Natural Disasters
1998-2001            President, Mongolian Environmental Trust Fund
1994-2000            President of Regional Association (Asia) of the World Meteorological Organization (UN specialized agency)
2000-2001            President of COP-4 of the UNCCD (UN Convention to Combat Desertification)
2000-2003            Member of Bureau of the UNCCD