“Takhi” eco tourist camp opening

  • 2022-09-25

“Takhi” eco tourist camp has opened its new doors in Khomyn Tal National Park. By developing domestic and foreign special interest tourism in this unique and beautiful place located 1400 kilometers away from the capital city, it will be possible to convey knowledge and information about the biological diversity of rare and rare species of animals and plants which have increased and settled due to the reintroduction and active protection of takhi horses, as well as introduce the characteristics and importance of specially protected areas.

The opening ceremony of the “Takhi” eco-tourist camp was held on September 18-20. At the event, the management, staff, and tourists of the Association Takh in France, representatives of the German “Natucate” Tourist Company from Germany, GIZ, “Protection of Biodiversity and Adaptation to Climate Change” Project, “Mongolian Sands” NP, “Khar Us Lake” NP, “Khan Khokhi” NP, “Otgon Bor Khavtsal” NGO and “Ontz” bagh community members and representatives and congratulated us for the success of our activities. Congratulations to the management and all the hardworking and energetic team members of the NGO “Khomyn Talyn Takhi” who are participating wholeheartedly in this beautiful establishment and wish them to achieve their desired future goals.

Also, expressing our sincere gratitude to all those who cooperated in the successful organization of the opening ceremony. May the number of takhi horses grow more and may the people’s hearts be full of peace in Khomyn tal.