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Khomyn Talyn Takhi

Khomyn Talyn Takhi (KTT), established as a Non-Governmental Organization in 2014, has been operating as a sister organization to Association pour le cheval de Przewalski; TAKH, France.

Our operational priority is reintroducing wild horses, biodiversity conservation and local sustainable development in Khomyn Tal.


Our History - How It Began

The first 12 horses arrived in Khomyn Tal from Le Villaret, Southern France. First, they were trucked from Le Villaret to Nimes airport. Then, they were transported by international flight to Khovd airport, Mongolia by IL 76 aircraft.


We, Khomyn Talyn Takhi NGO, are committed to promoting and implementing nature conservation, focusing on evidence-based reintroduction and safeguarding of the endangered Przewalski’s horse, the only wild horse in the world.


To establish a viable population of Przewalski’s horses (1000-1500 individuals) in Khomyn Tal National Park and develop a model for reintroduction projects.

Takhi Team

KTT is a dynamic team consists of five staff in Ulaanbaatar and nine staff in Khomyn Tal reintroduction site

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