Local Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development of Durvuljin soum

With support of KTT, Durvuljin soum is implementing a Sustainable Development Plan (2017-2025) which is considered as the first soum of Zavkhan province that endorsed its long-term development policy. KTT provides necessary support to implement this plan. Plan consists of three main priorities; Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability

Strengthening community governance and improvements of livelihood 

Four herder communities are established, involving local herders from Onts and Tavantolgoi baghs with particular aim to protect and utilize berry resources of Sea-buckthorn wild grown along Zavkhan River. Members of these communities are training on forest management and community governance and household business that enables a sustainable operation of their communities. The community groups participate in forest patrolling during berry collection, while they earn income from berry sales to the processing factory.

Successful livelihood development initiatives which deliver biodiversity conservation

Community benefits from wild sea-buckthorn harvesting

 To promote alternative income generation for locals, KTT established a Sea-buckthorn processing factory based in Durvuljin soum in 2018. The factory has started selling its primary products on local market. The communities are involved in the business development by supplying berries while preserving the natural forest of Sea-buckthorn grown along the river Zavkhan.

“Evseg emegteichuud” (Women for Better Livelihood)

In order to support locals income, KTT helps local womens in making handcrafts and selling products in France. The TAKH Association., KTT community development officer. It took about 3-4 months to complete the order and it was sent to France in May 2019.

Yearling camel wool export to France

Based on the tripartite convention made between “Brun de Vian Tiran” (French manufacturer), Association TAKH and KTT, the finest wool combed from yearling camels in Khomyn Tal has been exported to France since 2017. The wool products such as laid, shawls named after “Khomyn Tal” is on market sell in France and European countries.

Public awareness and Environmental education for locals

Summer school

Summer school has long been an awaited popular event for children in Khomyn Tal., The event has been annually organized involving local children and members of eco-clubs. During the summer gathering, kids have lessons, games and other entertainments. The main purpose of this event is to prepare new generations with proper environmental education needed to live in harmony with nature.   

 Herder Forum

Herder’s forum became an another awaiting local events for locals since 2006. The forum provide opportunities for local herders to participate in decision making towards resource utilization, engage in conservation activities and sharing information.

 A Mobile library has been operating since 2018 upon KTT initiative. Ten boxes of books, promotional and educational publications are compiled and rotated among the households. The residents can also order books which can be put into the boxes for communal use. In 2019, 88 persons of 24 families used the mobile libraries.

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