Our Work

Since 2014, we implement integrated conservation program focused on re-introduction of Przewalski's horse (Takhi in Mongolian) - the only remaining wild horse in the world, in Khomyn Tal National Park in Mongolia.

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Takhi Reintroduction

Daily monitoring on population dynamics, group composition, social behavior, behavioral ecology, health care, habitat use, seasonal movement, breeding ecology, fence maintenance, keep livestock away from release site, ranger patrolling.

Wildlife Conservation

Saving wildlife and their habitat of Khomyn tal is an essential part of our program that aims to contribute in maintaining ecological balance of the region. 

Supporting Local Sustainable Development

KTT works closely with the Durvuljin Soum Government to elaborate and implement the Soum Sustainable Development Plan for 2017-2025. Also, we support to develop a sustainable tourism in Khomyn Tal.

Research Program

Profound ecosystem research studies are undertaken in cooperation with Association TAKH and various national and international research institutions, namely Mongolian Academy of Sciences, National University of Mongolia, Khovd Branch of National University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Montpelier, etc.

National Park Management

Khomyn Tal National Park was established on May 7th, 2020 by the resolution №46 of the Parliament of Mongolia in order to protect endangered species including reintroduced Przewalski's horses. 



Several successes have been achieved in the field of environmental protection, increasing the number of Takhi, improving the livelihood of local people, and promoting local green development over the 16 years of Takhi reintroduction in Khomyn Tal.