Sand dunes
Research Program in Khomyn Tal
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Trip Summary

Baganuur Lake is 6.2 km long, 1 km wide, and 7.4 m average depth, Salt Lake, with no outlet, no tributary rivers, or streams, about 380 km from the center of Zavkhan province. After breakfast, you will drive to the lake app. 40 km from Takhi camp along a historic tea road. See the beauty of the lake shore, watch shorebirds, meet a nomadic family, enjoy a camel or horse ride, and get introduced to the steppe landscape and iconic wildlife species and birds including Saiga antelope, Black-tailed gazelle, and Mongolian gazelle. Climbing sand dunes "Bor khoshuu" provides a breathtaking view of "Durgun" Lake and the famous Altai mountains in the west.

  • Distance: 40km /one way/ 
  • Duration: One day
  • Transportation: Jeep 4x4, Russian van 4x4
Tour highlights:
  • Enjoy meeting with nomads and exploring the nomadic culture of Mongolia.
  • Explore the most diverse ecosystems and unique scenery of the Gobi Desert in western Mongolia.
  • Be a part of "Everyday life activities of Nomads", such as making dairy products.
  • Camel riding with a stunning view of Bor Khoshuu sand dunes along the "Tsonj" historic tea road
  • Wildlife spotting at the wide steppe around the lake
  • Bird watching along the shore of the Lake Baganuur
Gangar hun_ Cygnus cygnus
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Prices start from:
  • 1-3 travelers: $263 per person
  • 4-6 travelers: $200 per person
  • 7 and more travelers: $180 per person
Price inclusions:
  • Accommodation in the camp for one night
  • Local transportation
  • All meals indicated as B, L (Mongolian food while visiting the nomadic family) and D
  • Park entrance fee
  • Biologist and driver
  • Bed levy to local community
  • Drinks and snack during the day-tours