Major Achievements

Since the reintroduction began, the following results have been achieved.

  • Since first arrival of Takhi in Khomyn Tal in 2004, the population has quadrupled from  26  to over 100.

  • The number of wild ungulates including the endangered Saiga, Mongolian gazelle, Black-tailed gazelle and Ibex has increased significantly in the years of protection.

  • The overall ecosystem condition has greatly improved – the area occupied by wild sea buckthorn forests naturally growing along the Zavkhan river has extended from 100 to 1000 hectares by 2020. 

  • Thanks to continuous cooperation with and involvement of local herders, local ownership of Takhi re-introduction program has increased, which results in the locals participation in conservation activities such as volunteer ranger patrolling, preserving riparian forests and information sharing.

  • To secure enabling habitats of the future free roaming Takhi population in Khomyn Tal, the Government has established the Khomyn Tal National Park with total area of 411,403.80 hectares in May 2020.

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