“Processing and commercialization of dairy products” training was successfully held

  • 2023-10-03

Khomyn Talyn Takhi NGO commits to promoting and implementing nature conservation, focusing on evidence-based reintroduction and safeguarding of the only wild horse in the world, which classified as “endangered” has been doing development work to support the livelihood of the community people at the same time.

Also, establishing the “TAKHI” eco-camp in 2022, which welcomes international travelers and guests, will create an opportunity to develop ecotourism in the Protected Area and evolve the value-added products. In the framework of this function, there was five times on the site training on “Processing and commercialization of dairy products” organized for herder families from five community groups of Khomyn Tal and Mongol Els National Park last September with the support of the “SPACES” project of the GIZ Mongolei.  

Through this training,  participants learned to selectively produce milk and dairy products that are in high demand and are not widely produced in the project area. In this way, the women herders share the knowledge they have acquired through training, divide into producer groups, and participate in income-generating activities.  

Herders have used whey to pour or give it to their animals, and some have used it for leather and leather tanning. This training was particular in that, the herder families learnt the technology of processing various types of dairy products with the valuable quality of whey that complements the mineral elements of the human body.

Lhamsuren D, a Technologist teacher of Food Production at Khugjil Polytechnical College in Khovd led the training and provided some theoretical information on the consumption and properties of milk and whey, processing equipment and tools, the packaging of milk and dairy products, as well as how to work in compliance with hygiene requirements, including the relevant policies and procedures adopted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry has been delivered.  

During the practical training, participants made nine types of products such as the condensed milk (moloko), milk and whey jelly, airag, cheese whey drink, eedem, carrot, curd dumplings, pancakes, whey porridge soup, preparation and dried curd with wild onion (as a spice), variety of curd products, like curd torte etc., and all the products were exhibited end of the training.