Patrolling intensified

  • 2020-12-23

At this time of the year when temperatures fall well below zero and frost-bitten sea buckthorn berries can be collected without bothering about prickly thorns, rangers in Khomyn Tal work 24/7. Not only residents of Durvuljin soum but also people from as far as neighboring aimags, arrive to harvest buckthorn berries in Ulaan Buraa – a wide strip of sea buckthorn forest along Zavkhan river, a part of Takhi reintroduction enclosure. Thanks to the enclosure built in 2003 for Takhi acclimatization at the initial stages of reintroduction, grazing of livestock reduced significantly which resulted in a thick sea buckthorn forest.   

Ranger patrolling

There is no doubt that increased traffic and noise by humans and vehicles cause stress and scare off the Takhi which may end up with low or no access to the river for water, broken or damaged fence. KTT has been continuously working to lower the impact on Takhi – the cooperatives are mobilized to monitor berry harvesting along with ranger patrolling to enforce sustainable harvesting practices. This year, in connection with Khomyn Tal becoming a National Park, legal provisions on harvesting of renewable natural resources have been applied. State inspectors and rangers patrolled the area continuously during the harvesting days to prevent environmental violations, to inform on rules and regulations to comply with in the National Park and to issue warnings if necessary.