Байгалийн цогцолборт газрын менежмент

Takhi or Przewalski’s horse has been reintroduced in Mongolia since 1992. Currently, there are three locations where Takhi can be found – Hustai Nuruu, Takhiin Tal and Khomyn Tal. Today, population is counted over 900 in total, however, it is still insufficient to ensure for this species to survive in the wild.

In Khomyn Tal, Takhi thrives in 14000 ha area fenced in 2003 for acclimatization and protection purposes. Mountainous range of Seeriin Nuruu also shelter Takhi in times of harsh weather. The number of Takhi has reached 100 as of September 2020. In order not to exceed pasture capacity of the fenced area and allow the animals to get used to independently live in the wild, the horses are encouraged to roam freely outside the fence.

Бидний ажилтай танилцана уу

Тахь сэргээн нутагшуулалт
Тахь сэргээн нутагшуулалт
Хомын тал дахь байгаль хамгаалал
Орон нутгийн тогтвортой хөгжлийг дэмжих
Судалгааны хөтөлбөр
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